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Use Raiden to enrich your dApp with nearly instant, low-fee and scalable payments. It comes with an easy-to-use API and is compatible with the Ethereum ERC20 token standard.

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Download Raiden Client for MacOS or Linux


The Alpha/Stable release is the latest tested and most mature version of the Raiden client. When following the safety instructions, it can be used on the mainnet.

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Release Candidates

Release Candidates (RC) are untested releases. They usually come with new features and bug fixes to the current stable release, but may still have glitches and issues to be fixed. Release Candidates should not be used on the mainnet.

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The nightly release is a snapshot of master. It is not recommended for managing anything of value and should only be used if you know what you are doing.

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Use Raiden via the API

The Raiden API helps you to easily access the Raiden Network's functionalities, such as joining a token network, opening and closing channels, depositing tokens and executing payments.

Learn more about it in the API walkthrough. 

"channel_identifier": 20,
"partner_address": "0x61C808D82A3Ac53231750daDc13c777b59310bD9",
"total_deposit": 35000000,
"state": "opened",
"settle_timeout": 100,
"reveal_timeout": 30

"amount": 200,
"identifier": 42

"event": "EventPaymentReceivedSuccess",
"amount": 5,
"initiator": "0x82641569b2062B545431cF6D7F0A418582865ba7",
"identifier": 1,
"log_time": "2018-10-30T07:03:52.193"


Build on top of the API

Raiden WebUI

The WebUI allows users to easily access the main functionalities of the Raiden Network via a web interface.

Projects using the Raiden API


Decentralized cloud object storage that is affordable, easy to use, private and secure.

Exchange Union

An open-source project connecting digital asset exchanges to create a global liquidity pool.


Rock-paper-scissors game with robots and micropayments on the Raiden Network.


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